The Subconscious Mind

This body of work was completed over a year, between 2007 and 2008, working towards an exhibition at The Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre.  The 16 paintings were an experiment and again an exploration into spiritual ideas and ideas of the subconscious.  I wanted to paint in this way so I could reflect on them and look at the inner thoughts and feelings that the paintings evoked in me.  It was very intriguing and again quite a cathartic process.  I've had many mixed reviews about the work since it was exhibited at The Phoenix.  The paintings are currently on display at The Taverners Farm in Kennford just outside Exeter.  Feel free to comment on the work too but if you get chance go and see them in the flesh at the farm.  They are there until the end of March where it is likely they, or atleast some, will be moving to The Sea Shanty in Branscombe